Maternity Voices Partnership Feedback Reports

Maternity Voices Partnership produce a Feedback Report every quarter in order to drive service improvements and improve the quality of local maternity services.

Key themes

Over the last quarter we received:

  • 36 responses to our questionnaire
  • 58% who were responding about their first birth experience
  • 65% felt their choices were listened to, respected and supported

Key focus areas

Continuity of care

This is not just about the implementation of 'Continuity of Carer' (which will be a longer term change), but providing as much continuity as possible here and now. It is important when building up a trusting relationship, that subtle but important changes can be picked up quickly, particularly with regards to a persons mental health. We understand that with more prescriptive postnatal visits continuity can be harder, but every effort should be made for continuity and to keep a person informed on who they will see.


Improving communication, information and the language used when conversing, not only with service users but also other staff, is important. Having respectful discussions so that informed choices can be made is critical; individuals need to be at the heart of their own care and not feel like they are part of a set system or a conveyor belt.

Postnatal Visits

As in previous quarters, it has been noted that new mums often find it really hard to go back into the hospital for follow up appointments, so exploring other options could improve their experiences and recovery. This can be particularly important when recovering from a csection or for those situated further from the hospital.

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Previous reports

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