Our staff

Sebastian Riley - Communications & Involvement Officer

Sebastian has experience working within the communications and engagement sector, supporting planning applicants to engage with local communities in addition to obtaining views from local residents.  Sebastian has also worked to mobilise collaboration within local communities, ensuring residents’ voices are heard. Through this, Sebastian led the organisation of events both in person and digitally to further engage with a range of stakeholders.

“As Communications and Involvement Officer, I support engagement activities and work with our team of volunteers to gather people’s experiences of health and social care. My role also includes being part of the Enter & View team and will visit health & social care service providers and to ensure the website and social media channels are up to date.


Katie Cook - Communications & Involvement Officer

Katie's background involves having over 10 years’ experience working with young children and their families. Supporting children through their development to meet important stages in their learning criteria. She also has experience of working closely with families to help support them in areas such as identifying any additional needs for both the parents and children to offer further help in education and welfare.

"My role as the Communications and Involvement Officer will include attending engagement activities; and supporting our team of volunteers in gathering feedback on the local health and social care services from the most important people, the general public. I will be part of the Enter & View’s team and visit services where health and social care is being provided, see how services are being delivered and listen to the views of service users and care givers."


Our volunteers

From committee members to authorised representatives, our Enter & View programme is run by staff and volunteers.

The Enter & View committee looks at the evidence we receive from public feedback, and they use it to plan where visits should take place. It consists of four trained representatives, who are elected to their positions once a year by other volunteers.

Authorised representatives are trained staff and volunteers who we have given the authority to take part in visits to publicly-funded health and social care services. They see for themselves how care is delivered, and talk to the people receiving care, as well as their relatives and carers. They then write a report based on their findings.

Our Authorised Representatives:

David Bell

Liz Macaskill

David O'Loughlin

Janet O'Loughlin

Barry Parnaby

Frank Pitt

Liv Pitt

Fiona Stevenson

Janet Suckling

Our Committee members:

David Bell

Janet O'Loughlin

Janet Suckling

Frank Pitt