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The purpose of the visit was to ask residents about their views and experiences of the Home, care services. Including finding out how support is offered to residents living with Dementia.
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We wanted to learn about:

  • The residents opinions of living in the Home, including the care they received, how staff respect their dignity, the food, and the activities and interests they enjoy. To ask any relatives/visitors about their experiences and observations
  • The interactions between staff and residents, and residents and their surroundings
  • Dementia support and how the Eden Approach has impacted on the care and lives of the residents and the running of the Home
  • Staff training and their care of the residents, the support they received in caring for people with Dementia

Key Findings

  • Bennett House was observed to be operating to a good standard of care regarding respect and dignity of residents
  • First impressions of the Home were of a warm and friendly atmosphere. People were very welcoming
  • Residents told us they felt safe and that the staff looked after them well - “they are very good, helpful and nice”
  • Staff clearly knew the residents well, were caring, and had a good relationship with them. Residents said staff were very good
  • The use of colour, pictures, and activity as encouraged following the Eden Approach, clearly provides residents with a cheerful, supporting, and stimulating environment to live in
  • Activities are person-centred. Social events are provided, with support by staff when needed, and personal hobbies and interests are encouraged and supported
  • Some areas of the Home need repair and maintenance. This includes repairing broken or missing items and improving general décor


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