Phlebotomy Survey Report

Due to concerns being raised with us regarding the Phlebotomy service, we wanted to understand peoples views and experiences so we could help improve this service for the people of Telford & Wrekin.
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In September 2013 Healthwatch Telford and Wrekin received a number of concerns in relation to how and where blood tests were carried out, and in response to these concerns, we conducted a pilot survey at the Princess Royal Hospital phlebotomy clinic. The outcome of this pilot survey highlighted patients disatisfaction with the service and therefore, resulted in us conducting a more comprehensive survey of the delivery of phlebotomy services in the Telford and Wrekin area, involving both patients and all 22 of the GP surgeries in the region.


  • Review and re-organise phlebotomy collections so that the larger surgeries have a later pick-up time than the smaller ones
  • The provision of multiple, localised community phlebotomy clinics around the Telford and Wrekin area. These clinics would purely be for phlebotomy services, and available to both adults and children. There would be no parking charges to incur, minimal waiting times, and each clinic could potentially cover a large catchment area
  • Provide and/or improve phlebotomy training to staff at GP surgeries in order for patients to get a faster and better-quality phlebotomy appointment
  • Improve communication with patients. Ensure that they are aware of the full extent of the services available to them, what their options are (e.g. referral to PRH), and how long they will likely need to wait before they can obtain their results. Make sure that this information is delivered in a clear, consistent, and accurate manner, and that it is fully understood by patients
  • If possible, increase the font size on blood test request forms as it has been noted that the font is rather small and can be quite difficult for patients with any vision impairments to read
  • Regularly check the quality of services, with particular focus on the service user experience


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